Loving: A Novel By Corin Hughs

In Appreciation of Teachers…Especially Preschool Teachers

Preschool teachers are amazing! In fact, I will expand that to all TEACHERS are AMAZING!
I knew that the quote, “There is a special place in Heaven for preschool teachers” held some quirky, lighthearted truth, but I didn’t know its depth until I had the opportunity to help in my 3½ year old son’s preschool class this year. From this […] Read More

Honoring My Mom on her Fourth “Heavenday”

How do you remember a loved one on the anniversary of their death?
Four years ago today, I sat on my mom’s hospital bed, holding her puffy hand, and listening as her breaths grew more and more shallow. Though they grew quieter with each minute, I heard them loud as thunder and clung to every boom, hoping – praying – for […] Read More

Marriage, Facebook and More!

I had an exciting opportunity to guest blog for a great site, Married…with Fiction!
“Married…With Fiction is a HUB where authors reach out to connect with other authors, where agents and editors share their insight in the industry, where marriage and other family matters are supported and encouraged in fiction, as well as in a real live community.” Check out my […] Read More