Loving: A Novel By Corin Hughs

Why Are You Living?

What were you made for?
You should know I like deep conversations and dark coffee. I’m not good with “light” anything! I think about questions like “Who Am I?” and “What does God want to do with my life?”
We all desire purpose, don’t we?
I believe there’s more to life than being a good, kind person. More than just paying bills. […] Read More

Frontline Confessions of Motherhood

“I stuffed a bag of M&M’s in my shirt and locked myself in the bathroom so I could eat them without sharing with my kids…and I was desperate for one and a half minutes “alone.” –Need a Break Mom
“I run the vacuum just for an excuse to not listen to or answer anyone in my house for a few minutes.” […] Read More

Love is a Verb. Act it Out…for Your Husband

Do you ever feel like you don’t have another ounce of yourself to give?
You’re exhausted from filling, finding and washing sippy cups, preparing three meals and snacks for multiple hungry tummies all day – not to mention tossing something into your own mouth every now and again – keeping the house somewhat tidy, driving the carpool, doing laundry (see […] Read More