Loving: A Novel By Corin Hughs

Tired Mom

I guest blogged for Not aLone Mom today, which is a GREAT site dedicate to all things mom and Jesus! Krissy is the mind behind this powerful resource. Her pure, open heart has been an encouragement to me. She deeply desires to spur others — especially moms – on toward a deeper faith. Please check out her site!
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Happy Easter!

Would you save someone else’s life if it meant you would die?
There are some people for whom we think we’d sacrifice our life, aren’t there? Our children, spouse, maybe our parents or siblings. We would be honored to be their hero.
As humans, a small part of us wants to conquer death. Or at least prolong it. We rally together to […] Read More

Do You Stay Married if You’re Unhappy?

I recently heard of a couple who got married around the same time I did (10 years ago), they have two children a little younger than my oldest two (ages 6 and 4), and they are getting divorced because, I was told, they aren’t “happy” together anymore. Two things happened when I heard the news:

I felt sad
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A Place in Mama’s Lap

We all need to be rocked sometimes.
No, this is not me! Just a sweet pic I found online!
After bathing ‘Tiny Tim’ this evening, I took refuge from the busy day and sat in the rocking chair in the boys’ room. A fluffy tan towel wrapped around my 35-pound 16-month old, his wet blonde hair smelled of baby powder-scented J&J and […] Read More