Loving: A Novel By Corin Hughs

EASY Experiments with Kids Using On-Hand Ingredients

If you ever find yourself looking for ways to entertain your kids for CHEAP, check out this list! I’ve done these things with kids from age 2-10+. No matter their age, kids like to explore!
From the time Micayla could walk, we strolled down the sidewalk in quest for “treasures!” I’d list off some things we could search for: a red […] Read More

Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys!

David Thomas is co-author of Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys. Don’t you just LOVE the title of the book? Yes, boys ARE wild! And, yes, I want in on the secret to nurturing my wild things!
I have not read his book (yet), but I’m sure it expands on all that you are about to read. This is, essentially, […] Read More

Control My Urge to “Fix It”…Or Maybe Start With My Urge to Control!

My first grader reluctantly exited my car to go to school this morning. I dropped her off via car line, our usual method. While snaking around the car line, she daily suggests we go back home. “I can be homeschooled,” she’ll resolve. We talk about this, I encourage her to share her smile and love and she heads off to […] Read More

All Because of a Kitchen Drying Mat…

My grandma got me this drying mat for my kitchen last year. It’s almost always covered in clean dishes; as soon as I put one batch away, I have a newly washed set of dishes covering it. Today was a rare occasion. The mat was nearly empty.
I caught a glimpse of the words on it: “My kitchen” and “Cooking with […] Read More