Loving: A Novel By Corin Hughs

What If You Were An Orphan?

In an instant, we can lose someone we love.
Our parents will not live on earth forever.
Slicing the darkness with my minivan, I followed the lines of the interstate and finally absorbed the magnitude of the day.
The October day could have been mistaken for July. My son’s day-long smile made me feel warmer inside than the bright sun and my daughter […] Read More

Pregnant After Miscarriage

What do you do when you first learn you are pregnant?
I learned I was pregnant in late April. With three beautiful children and three miscarriages, my response was fear. Confusion. Surprise. I desired to be excited and giddy. I wanted to have an urge to rush to my husband, all smiles, and share the news that our family of five […] Read More

Media and Mothering

Moms, do you ever feel paralyzed by pressure and expectations?
Last week, I read some blogs and watched a few videos related to motherhood. One video told me to smile more, clean less and don’t get upset when my kids break things because, well, “they’re just kids.” Geez, how often am I supposed to smile? I’m a happy person. I think I smile […] Read More

Happy Easter!

Would you save someone else’s life if it meant you would die?
There are some people for whom we think we’d sacrifice our life, aren’t there? Our children, spouse, maybe our parents or siblings. We would be honored to be their hero.
As humans, a small part of us wants to conquer death. Or at least prolong it. We rally together to […] Read More

Do You Stay Married if You’re Unhappy?

I recently heard of a couple who got married around the same time I did (10 years ago), they have two children a little younger than my oldest two (ages 6 and 4), and they are getting divorced because, I was told, they aren’t “happy” together anymore. Two things happened when I heard the news:

I felt sad
The person who told […] Read More

A Place in Mama’s Lap

We all need to be rocked sometimes.
No, this is not me! Just a sweet pic I found online!
After bathing ‘Tiny Tim’ this evening, I took refuge from the busy day and sat in the rocking chair in the boys’ room. A fluffy tan towel wrapped around my 35-pound 16-month old, his wet blonde hair smelled of baby powder-scented J&J and […] Read More

Cleaning Pooh and Making Disciples. All In A Day’s Work!

Poopy diapers ain’t got nothing on school woes.
Timmy, 16 months, is too busy for diaper changes. So, he’s often sans diaper for a few minutes at a time…yes, we have pee or pooh on our floor at least a few times a week. I can easily clean up this mess. Random areas of my house are the most sanitized places […] Read More

Why Are You Living?

What were you made for?
You should know I like deep conversations and dark coffee. I’m not good with “light” anything! I think about questions like “Who Am I?” and “What does God want to do with my life?”
We all desire purpose, don’t we?
I believe there’s more to life than being a good, kind person. More than just paying bills. […] Read More

Do Miracles Still Happen?

My ultrasound image was of my uterus, but the empty black hole better reflected my heart.
A “blighted ovum” my doctor diagnosed.
While this is the reason of 50% of all first-trimester miscarriages, it only happens one time in most women. It’s when an egg is fertilized, the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall, but an embryo (baby) never forms. Research […] Read More

I Got Married BEFORE iPhones!

How did we survive without our precious cell phones? Not just cell phones, but smartphones? Have you ever lost your phone? Have you, like me, dug through the trash, borrowed someone else’s phone to call yours a hundred times (gritting your teeth as you remember it’s on vibrate), and prayed you’d find your essential phone. It’s almost worse than losing […] Read More