Loving: A Novel By Corin Hughs

Last Weeks of EVER Being Pregnant

What did you do in your last weeks of pregnancy? How did you feel? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally?
Do you remember?
I remember spending sleepless nights searching for natural ways to induce labor. I did this countless times – with each of my prior three pregnancies – as though I would discover something new. I read about herbal supplements, sex, walking, orange juice […] Read More

Does Motherhood Put My Life on Hold?

“I feel like I didn’t do anything today. Yet, I’m exhausted and I’m going to do it all over again tomorrow. And the next day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful. I love being a mom and I wouldn’t trade it. But I just wish I was more than I feel like I am. I mean, who am I?”
Have you […] Read More

Pregnant After Miscarriage

What do you do when you first learn you are pregnant?
I learned I was pregnant in late April. With three beautiful children and three miscarriages, my response was fear. Confusion. Surprise. I desired to be excited and giddy. I wanted to have an urge to rush to my husband, all smiles, and share the news that our family of five […] Read More

Must Read for Moms of Daughters!

I few weeks ago, I was contacted by a PR rep and asked to read a book and write an honest review for it. I had never heard of the book before, but the title intrigued me. I am SO GLAD I now know about it. I want you to know about this book, too! It’s a GREAT book…
8 Great Dates for Moms & Daughters is […] Read More

Media and Mothering

Moms, do you ever feel paralyzed by pressure and expectations?
Last week, I read some blogs and watched a few videos related to motherhood. One video told me to smile more, clean less and don’t get upset when my kids break things because, well, “they’re just kids.” Geez, how often am I supposed to smile? I’m a happy person. I think I smile […] Read More

A Place in Mama’s Lap

We all need to be rocked sometimes.
No, this is not me! Just a sweet pic I found online!
After bathing ‘Tiny Tim’ this evening, I took refuge from the busy day and sat in the rocking chair in the boys’ room. A fluffy tan towel wrapped around my 35-pound 16-month old, his wet blonde hair smelled of baby powder-scented J&J and […] Read More

Motherhood: What They Don’t Tell You

Five MOTHERHOOD TRUTHS people don’t necessarily talk about:


After, oh, three kids (maybe even one or two? And definitely more than three), sneezes are a whole new ball game. Do you know what I’m talking about?! Upon feeling a sneeze come on, you will find yourself subconsciously crossing your legs so you don’t spring a leak…kegels, ladies, they are not overrated! […] Read More

Why Are You Living?

What were you made for?
You should know I like deep conversations and dark coffee. I’m not good with “light” anything! I think about questions like “Who Am I?” and “What does God want to do with my life?”
We all desire purpose, don’t we?
I believe there’s more to life than being a good, kind person. More than just paying bills. […] Read More

Love is a Verb. Act it Out…for Your Husband

Do you ever feel like you don’t have another ounce of yourself to give?
You’re exhausted from filling, finding and washing sippy cups, preparing three meals and snacks for multiple hungry tummies all day – not to mention tossing something into your own mouth every now and again – keeping the house somewhat tidy, driving the carpool, doing laundry (see […] Read More

Dream Day

If you could do anything you wanted for one day, what would you do?
Your mind is dancing with possibility, isn’t it!? Would you put on your walking shoes and head out to shop-till-you-drop, stay home in your jammies with a steaming cup of coffee, get your blood flowing with a long run, spruce up your weed-ridden garden, eat chocolate guilt-free, […] Read More