Loving: A Novel By Corin Hughs

Tired Mom

I guest blogged for Not aLone Mom today, which is a GREAT site dedicate to all things mom and Jesus! Krissy is the mind behind this powerful resource. Her pure, open heart has been an encouragement to me. She deeply desires to spur others — especially moms – on toward a deeper faith. Please check out her site!
You can view my blog post […] Read More

Motherhood is Messy Business

Motherhood causes breakdowns!
It starts with pregnancy when hormones are uncontrollable and everyone blames all our oddities on the mystery of pregnancy. Sometimes we buy in happily, agreeing that pregnancy must be the reason for our feelings or behavior, while other times we want to insert our fist into someone’s face for telling us our tears over the cute teddy bear […] Read More

Raising Kids in a “Material World”

“But I want it. Please, Mommy. Please!”
Beginning at age three, maybe even two, our child(ren) bat their eyes at us in the middle of [insert store name] hoping to get the toy they have been absolutely dying to get since they laid eyes on it 1.6 seconds ago. Or, perhaps, they have actually been hoping to get this particular […] Read More