Loving: A Novel By Corin Hughs

Why I’m Not Seeking a Happy Marriage

I married my high school sweetheart over 10 years ago. He is confident, smart, reliable, loyal, out-spoken, well-spoken, a mindful leader, organized, capable and, most importantly, he believes everything the Bible says about Jesus. Not to mention, he’s pretty cute (lucky for me because the three little people I care for daily look just like him!)!
My husband is my best […] Read More

Do You Stay Married if You’re Unhappy?

I recently heard of a couple who got married around the same time I did (10 years ago), they have two children a little younger than my oldest two (ages 6 and 4), and they are getting divorced because, I was told, they aren’t “happy” together anymore. Two things happened when I heard the news:

I felt sad
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Love is a Verb. Act it Out…for Your Husband

Do you ever feel like you don’t have another ounce of yourself to give?
You’re exhausted from filling, finding and washing sippy cups, preparing three meals and snacks for multiple hungry tummies all day – not to mention tossing something into your own mouth every now and again – keeping the house somewhat tidy, driving the carpool, doing laundry (see […] Read More

Let’s Talk About Sex BA-BY!

How’s your sex life? Do you and your spouse talk about this area of your life…are you both satisfied?
Some loaded questions, huh!? Yes. But, sex is a critical area in a marriage. When it ain’t working, the entire marriage suffers. So, I ask again: how’s your sex life? And, how’s your marriage?
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Marriage, Facebook and More!

I had an exciting opportunity to guest blog for a great site, Married…with Fiction!
“Married…With Fiction is a HUB where authors reach out to connect with other authors, where agents and editors share their insight in the industry, where marriage and other family matters are supported and encouraged in fiction, as well as in a real live community.” Check out my […] Read More