Loving: A Novel By Corin Hughs

Mommy, You so Crazy!

School has begun!
No matter your age, these words have meaning. If you’re a parent of a school-age child, these words may bring delightful feelings of routine and order, visible accomplishments and intentionally grooming the littles toward greater responsibility.
Or, you may wrestle with leaving them for six or more hours each day; entrusting them to the care of teachers, administrators and […] Read More

Control My Urge to “Fix It”…Or Maybe Start With My Urge to Control!

My first grader reluctantly exited my car to go to school this morning. I dropped her off via car line, our usual method. While snaking around the car line, she daily suggests we go back home. “I can be homeschooled,” she’ll resolve. We talk about this, I encourage her to share her smile and love and she heads off to […] Read More

Wild About First Grade…Maybe

“Instead of [paying to go to] college, I want to buy a dolphin!” Micayla announced as we drove home from Clearwater Beach after seeing dolphins at the aquarium.
“No, Micayla, you can’t get a dolphin,” Luke replied from the third row. “Because if our neighbors come into our backyard and there’s a dolphin, then they’d be dead. Also, dolphins are old […] Read More

Last Day of Kindergarten

She grabbed the menu off the small wooden table set for four and asked, “Mommy, what is sss-kim milk?”
My gaze moved away from the fountain that overlooked the massive hotel pool where we were celebrating my uncle’s birthday, and I smiled. I smiled at the little girl’s eyes just barely visible over the menu, the little girl whose face […] Read More

Cleaning Pooh and Making Disciples. All In A Day’s Work!

Poopy diapers ain’t got nothing on school woes.
Timmy, 16 months, is too busy for diaper changes. So, he’s often sans diaper for a few minutes at a time…yes, we have pee or pooh on our floor at least a few times a week. I can easily clean up this mess. Random areas of my house are the most sanitized places […] Read More

In Appreciation of Teachers…Especially Preschool Teachers

Preschool teachers are amazing! In fact, I will expand that to all TEACHERS are AMAZING!
I knew that the quote, “There is a special place in Heaven for preschool teachers” held some quirky, lighthearted truth, but I didn’t know its depth until I had the opportunity to help in my 3½ year old son’s preschool class this year. From this […] Read More

Day 4 of Kindergarten: “But I’m Scared!”

My heart hammered in my chest. Standing a few yards away, I watched two of the people I love most in the world: My husband and my daughter. White knuckling the double stroller handle where two more of the people I love most sat, I heard the words, “But I’m scared!”
My heart broke. I closed my eyes under my sunglasses […] Read More

Preparing for Kindergarten

We live about a mile from the elementary school where my daughter will begin kindergarten in less than…sigh…two weeks. Micayla (5), Luke (3) and I (along with 8 month old Timmy) have been practicing our means to get to school: biking vs. walking. I insist that it’s healthy for us to transport ourselves to school sans a motorized vehicle.
Our journey is a […] Read More