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Mommy Attire & Mommy Workouts

“Oh, I see you went to the gym today,” A sweet, lipstick and perfume-wearing (older) woman said to me at the dentist (about a year ago, incidentally, because I just received a call from the dentist that I’m way-over-due for a cleaning. This call reminded me of the last time I was at the dentist and inspired this random post).

I nodded blankly, wondering why she thought I’d been to the gym. When she nodded toward my clothes – black yoga capris, tank, sports bra and running shoes – I understood.

No. Nope, didn’t go to the gym today. This is just what I wear. I cancelled my gym membership over a year ago.

While it was a glorious, lovely thing to go to an air-conditioned place to sweat a few times each week, it no longer fits into my schedule. But I loved going! My children made ADORABLE hand and footprint crafts in the childcare that I will treasure forever! I rocked my best running times, even better than high school, when I went to the gym. After some time, I actually packed a gym bag and showered there! It was fantastic!kids handprint crafts

Behold, the gym membership thing is no longer a line item in our budget – both financial and time budget.

That’s ok. I still get a workout every day!

For example, today I took my boys to the playground this morning. I climbed steps, slid down slides (wet slides, oops!) and weight-trained while lifting my almost two year old as he climbed everywhere and I had to catch him from falling! He laughed his contagious full belly laugh. I laughed too. How could I not? Laughing burns calories, right?

My wet-slide-bottom dried quickly – running shorts tend to – and I didn’t need to change. Beautiful because changing clothes takes time AND adds to laundry. Neither of which are things I want to do. Plus, they have an elastic waist and who doesn’t love elastic waists?!? (Yes, I always wear elastic these days as my belly is growing rounder by the minute! LOVE knowing Baby Joy is getting bigger just like she’s supposed to.)

I pushed my boys on swings that I helped them get into. After the playground, we ran home so I could put away four loads of laundry in record time – we had to run back out because I forgot I needed to get scented pinecones for preschool and I needed to do so before nap time. Mondays are the only day I can (usually, hopefully, HOPEFULLY!) get my boys naps.

I carried that laundry upstairs, put away in fast forward, then I dumped another load into the wash. We zipped through the aisles of Alberston’s (the only local grocer with scented pinecones this early in the season) before coming home to unload a few bags.

Oh, but then we forgot our soccer ball at the playground and had to go back. I parked next to the playground and ran 30 yards across the grass (and back). Once back at home, I chased Timmy for a diaper change then carried him upstairs for a nap.

All before noon!

Thin, cotton gym clothes do not need special laundry care and take up very little space in the laundry load. They are soft for precious baby faces to rest on and quickly absorb/dry from the bodily fluids that get on them (ie. spit-up, tears, sneezes, snot, coughs, leaky diaper pee….you know, all the “stuff” that we encounter each day as moms of littles).

Plus, black yoga pants match anything, right? At least I think so, but I am FULLY aware I am not a bit fashion savvy, clearly as I am trying to justify why I wear stretchy clothes daily! That simplifies things in the morning – no need to “pick out” clothes for the day. This is good when you get dressed like it’s a Nascar race.

Moms who dress in super cute dresses and wear necklaces and even earrings (wow!), I admire you! You are eye candy for me! Ha! I try to tell you how beautiful you look. You should know. And once a month, maybe twice, I don a sundress and maybe even a necklace, too! And I feel so pretty! It’s a nice change.

But on the days I’m in my regular attire, not going to the gym, I have to admit I’m pretty comfortable that way, too.

You know where I’m going: it really doesn’t matter what we wear, does it? Moms, just smile at one another, encourage a mom whatever she looks like. She doesn’t need to feel anyone is looking down on her for any reason, especially for the way she dresses. She’s trying her best. And that’s good enough. Remind her she’s beautiful no matter what she’s wearing.

Nevertheless, can I leave you with one question? Why does anyone NOT wear ultra-comfy, easily washed gym clothes every day!?

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