Loving: A Novel By Corin Hughs

Loving is the story of a woman who trusts God and embarks on a journey she never would have planned for herself…

Hannah Mattox longs to be a mother. However, her heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, prevents her from safely bearing children. Karla Valez is a homeless prostitute who despises the “thing” growing inside her and hopes to kill it in utero with the drugs that have buried her painful past for nearly five years. Gabriella Greene, founder of the Sanford Crisis Pregnancy Center, finds herself the bridge between these two divergent women. A time when questions far outweigh answers, there is one most pressing: why would God allow this?

Weaving together the lives of three very different women, Loving will take readers on an emotional journey that reveals one common thread…they each need to surrender to a God of love.


“Unbelievable! This book is one of those rare reads that sticks with you for months on end…perfect for the reader who years for a deep, meaningful drama…[this book’s] a winner!”

~Tanya Brown, Book Review Blogger


Loving [is] a beautiful, timely inspirational book about women and the charge we have to lay down our lives for each other in love. This story made Christ real, and that’s a remarkable victory.”

~Becky Doughty, Book Reviewer


Loving will grab you by the throat from the very first sentence and it won’t let you go.”

~Amy Bradsher, Book Review Blogger


Loving is at once both raw and beautiful… Parts are hard to read and yet I couldn’t put it down.  The title is completely appropriate… one woman pushes away love while being loved by a great God and others in her life who love her even in her sin.  Isn’t that true of us?  We are loved while we are unlovely.  This book made me ache, cry, and feel so grateful for the love God has given me, a sinner.  I have given this book as gifts to others as well, and I highly recommend it.”

~Laurie Gates, Amazon Review


Loving had me captivated from the first chapter the author does a great job of portraying the characters and making you want to learn more about them. Corin Hughs really does an excellent job of compiling a story of commitment, faith, love and the power of forgiveness.”

~Theresa, Amazon Review